ATEAS Security

Complex video monitoring solution for professional IP camera systems:

  • Use full potential of camera and open standards
  • Extreme performance
  • Simplicity
  • Advanced functions

System ATEAS Security is available in several editions. Selection of the right edition allows the system to optimally adjust the scale of security level and customer requests.

ATEAS uses complex deep neural network for its video analysis. It is an application of artificial intelligence to the video with the goal of in-time detection and recognition of events of interest ranging from people activity to complex events.

Basic neural functions:

  • Neural detection of eight objects
  • Humans, vehicles, trucks, bicycles or trains
  • High reliability thanks to the neural network AI training
  • Allows integration of disruption types in specified zones 
  • Directionality allow wrong direction trajectory detection
  • Support of object identity allows detection of suspicious personnel movement
  • Detection of slow moving or stationary vehicles in tunnels or highways
  • Support of object counting, its types and direction
  • Distinctive reduction of false alarms thanks to the AI
  • Reliable regardless the weather or light quality/change

Neural Network

Applications in transport
  • Detection of wrong way driving 
  • Detection of traffic jams
  • Monitoring of train crossings
Applications of counting
  • One-way people movement counting 
  • Counting of all or only transport vehicles
External disruption by a human activity
  • Detection of suspicious people
  • Events in a scene with wind and shadows
  • Launching a network and detection with shadows and wind
Inside disruption by a human activity
  • Without false alarms when the lighting switches
  • Detection with the change of position of a person