Automatic Identification and Data Capture

Complete services in automatic identification

  • barcode scanners
  • industrial and mobile printers – ZEBRA
  • automation of production processes
  • inspection of production lines
  • evidence of goods
  • discount coupons

Barcode scanners – industrial printers

We offer various types of barcode scanners to help you minimize errors and speed up the distribution of goods in various industries. Handy, fixed or built-in barcode scanners can be used in warehouses, manufacturing, retail or even health care. We offer Zebra or Datalogic scanners. Our offer also includes a wide portfolio of Zebra printers. Low-cost printers for office applications, industrial printers for your warehouse or shop, and RUGGED DURABILITY models for production and industry. We have also desktop, mobile, card, RFID and kiosk printers and print engines.

Barcode scanners – use:

  • Warehouses
  • Automation of production processes
  • Inspection of production lines
  • Retail
  • Discount coupons
  • Goods records

Our realizations

Czech Social Security Administration

Barcode labels printing for documents registration



  • Bar code labels printing for all Czech Social Security Administration
    branches for 2 years – complet production and logistic Services.
    Labels variability – 2 label formats, both with different workplace codes and each label with a unique registration number
  • Variabilita etiket – 2 formáty etiket, oba dále odlišené různými kódy pracovišť a každá etiketa s unikátním evidenčním číslem


  • Building of a printing workplace.
  • Workplace was equipped by Zebra 110Xi4 industrial printers with label retractors
  • A special software Labelissimo was created, with labels semi-automatic printing in a defined format

Greiner packaging

Labels and TTR Ribbons supplies for manufacturing plants in Czech an Ireland


  • Greiner packaging is a major worldwide manufacturer of plastic packaging.
    Deliveries of logistic labels with atypical packaging – folded labels in boxes with optimal perforation
  • High quality TTR ribbons delivery for Zebra printers – ribbons that increase printheads lifetime.


  • Logistic labels in the required format production, ptimal perforation testing.
  • TTR ribbons Inkanto AWR8 (former Armor)delivery

Power plant Opatovice a.s.

Stock-taking with mobile terminals



Old istock-taking solution without any mobile terminals – a large proportion of human labor, time consuming, high error rate


INV application for mobile inventories programming.
DATAMAN application for data transfer and conversion between mobile application and data warehouse programming.
Configuration and testing by the customer
Training of users