Bus combined smoke and temperature detector

Detectors are necessary to protect against fires in residential and commercial buildings. They allow different detection settings – smoke and elevated temperature in different combinations. It is also possible to choose the type that reports the alarm both from the detector’s own and from all other detectors in the system.

  • Bus product type
  • Power dimensions Ø 126 x 50 mm
  • Battery life – Working frequency – Communication range – Current consumption at reserve (rest) 5 mA Current consumption for cable selection 40 mA
  • Smoke detection optical light dispersion
  • Smoke detector sensitivity m = 0.11 ÷ 0.13 dB / m Class A2 according to CSN EN 54-7
  • Temperature detection class A2 according to CSN EN 54-5
  • Operating temperature |
  • Alarm temperature -10°C to +80°C | +60°C to +70°C