Intelligent camera systems and video analysis

Times when camera systems were used only to monitor necessary areas or to safeguard a perimeter are long gone. Nowadays, the technologies available present us with more effective tools that help us to more effectively evaluate the scenes of interest. Thanks to the Ateas Security software it is possible to fully use the potential of artificial intelligence and to train deep neural networks to solve all your problems.

More information about Ateas Security AI available here. Ateas Security.

Object Detection

People Monitoring

  • Monitoring of people in critical space – detection of possible risks, such as crowd panic
  • People movement tracking, for example rendering of shop customers trajectory
  • Monitoring of public transport stations

License plate detection

  • Vehicle trajectory
  • Registration of vehicle entry and exit to the premises
  • Automatic gate lifting

Securing of critical zones

  • Monitoring of one-way street and direction of passing vehicles
  • Warning signals, detection of traffic obstacles, tunnel traffic, traffic jams, collisions and other discrepancies
  • Barrier detection in active and integrated safety systems
  • Monitoring of parking space capacity, and predictions of such
  • Immediate signalling and securing of train crossing

Connection of camera system with other systems

Cash register systems

Every receipt is connected to its video sequence

Logistics companies’ systems

Every package is connected to its video sequence and the whole its path through the depo

Accounting systems

Every order is connected to a video sequence providing a proof that all the goods were included

Our realizations

Hanon Systems Autopal s.r.o.

Design a camera system to monitor nitrogen station, unique personalized solution.


  • Repeated theft of aluminium
  • Sever income loss
  • Nitrogen stations outages
  • Hundreds of thousands of additional income losses


  • Perimeter security, Axis cameras in autonomous patrolling mode (Q-6032
  • Stationary cameras SAMSUNG (XNO-6080R
  • Surveillance thanks to ATEAS Security software (Professional edition)
  • Nitrogen station status checking with programmable module AXIS (P8821)
  • In case of defect ATES turn on a warning signal

Linaplast s.r.o.

Connection of secluded workstation, server configuration for surveillance with high number of cameras.


  • Upgrade surveillance software ATEAS – allow the inspection of main premises from the secluded one
  • IInstallation of several cameras – surveillance of inside and outside areas of both establishments


  • Upgrade of the surveillance server
  • Expansion of disk array intended for video storage
  • Installation of infrastructure
  • Installation of inside and outside cameras Wisenet, total of 63 cameras
  • Upgrade of ATEAS software to Unlimited edition

Thermacut s.r.o.

Solution proposal, fast delivery and reinsurance of a quick support.


  • Repeated theft of copper – sever income loss


  • Perimeter protection with static and rotating cameras AXIS
  • Expensive metal warehouse monitoring with static cameras
  • Surveillance with ATEAS software, professional edition