Security systems

Our alarm solution will also alert you to the impending danger of fire, water or gas leakage. It also informs you about exceeding the room temperature or excessive energy consumption.


Control panel has built-in LAN communicator communication with users or supervisory alarm reception centres. Components is a memory card for the storage of event data, voice messages, or images. The control panel is configured using the updated F-Link.

Ja-103K control panels offer use of smart features and home automation for small and medium-sized buildings. Setting up JA-103K control cupboards with an updated F-Link brings new features, such as maintenance mode or day/night mode, which allows the system to respond as an astronomical calendar.



They are necessary for protection against fires in residential and commercial buildings. They allow different detection settings – smoke and elevated temperature in different combinations. It is also possible to choose the type that reports the alarm both from the detector’s own and from all other detectors in the system.



They are designed for indoor use. In addition to alarms, accompanying acoustics indicate various actions, e.g. arrivals, delays, etc. It is also used for sounding programmable outputs.


Sirens are used to acoustically signal alarms. Installing them in a visible place also notifies everyone that the object is guarded by a security system.