Motorola DP1400

Motorola Solutions DP1400 is basic radio with high quality functions.

It is equipped with functions you would expect from expensive advanced generation radios. Product line MOTOTRBO DP1400 offers high sound quality, great coverage, long battery life and more.

DP1400 offers 32 channels which allow you to have wide range of differently targeted communications of your work force. Ergonomic design of the radio allows users to use all control points of the radio even while wearing gloves and thanks to the two programmable buttons offer wide range of customization.

DP1400 is your line to help in critical situations, which means it requires to be built for rough situations. Company Motorola Solutions tests DP1400 up to MIL- STD-810 to ensure it is indeed equipped for such task. Outside of standard testing, device is tested to life expectancy so you can be sure it will last for several years in all conditions.

Whatever are your needs DP1400 offers simple, reliable and price effective communication solution which helps working teams connect, coordinate and cooperate so the work can be done the right way. Thanks to the combination of newest analogue and digital bidirectional radio technology is DP1400 ideal for everyday users who need to stay connected.