Cisco Webex Board

Cisco Webex Board is a touchscreen all-in-one cloud device for team cooperation with high emphasis to be user friendly and easy to use.

Goal of the device is to offer easy way to connect, draw/annotate and share. To get users up and support their creativity. Connected to Webex Teams it is possible to store and come back to work stored on cloud.

Remote users are allowed to connect and fully function with the device similar to as if they were present on the site.

Key Features:

  • Wireless presentation – Webex Board offers local presenting as well as connection to a running meeting, 
  • Digital board – you can use this to device to draw with Cisco Pen or just your own hand and the content will be automatically stored on Webex Teams cloud. 
  • Intelligent proximity – Technology that allow easy pairing/synchronization of mobile devices with Cisco video conferencing hardware, available on all OS platforms
  • Continual work – connection of Webex Board to a virtual room ensures that all the data from conferencing or cooperation will be stored and available on all other devices connected to Cisco Webex
  • Functions – visual device, sound system, calls, videoconference, whiteboard / flipchart / stickies